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We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in Wokingham


We provide opportunities for adults with learning disabilities through social and therapeutic activities, training and practical work experience in horticulture.

 Our objectives are set out in our Constitution which is registered with the Charities Commission  No. 1097671  and was formally established in 2003


We have a strong trustee team with all round sector and business experience. They are supported by an operations team, who manage the growing and selling of a wide range of plants and flower arrangements at Christmas in support of our clients.

David Baker

Chair and Treasurer

Brian Photo.jpg

Brian Stainton


Mike Westrop Photo.jpg

Mike Westrop


Neil Dunlop



Robert Sinclair


Operations team

The operations team also work closely with the clients, who are local people with learning difficulties to achieve the desired involvement, interest and skill development as well as making it is fun and engaging for the clients. They also plan, organise and carry out all the marketing and sales events.

Service Partner
Optalis Wokingham is our service partner, providing the key people to run the market garden and site services on a day to day basis and is responsible for insurances, land lease, on-site buildings and the safety and well-being of our clients. Optalis is the main provider of adult care services for those with learning disabilities to Wokingham Borough Council:

Operations Committee Members

David Baker and Neil Dunlop from the Trustees
Sally Precious and Jo-Anne Wilden from Optalis
Danny Pitts representing our clients
Valerie Baker and Dennis Craske as Associate Supporters



The most vital part of the team are naturally the clients who spend their time nurturing plants.

Our Volunteer Team

We have a team of regular volunteers who help to maintain the site and carry out important repairs and improvements. 

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