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Growing Plants
Growing Friendships
Growing Confidence

We are a Wokingham based charity supporting local people with learning disabilities through horticultural activities. We provide the tools and facilities to allow our clients to grow plants and develop as individuals. We have a market garden at Turgis Green and sell all our produce at the Acorn Community Centre, Fernlea Drive, Woosehill, RG41 3DR.
Open 09:30 to 15:30 Monday to Friday 


All income from plant sales helps us help more local people

Apart from the money we raise by selling plants we welcome support through donations and grants from organisations and individuals

The charity is run entirely by volunteers. Every £ received goes directly towards buying seeds, plug plants, tools and equipment, and improving the facilities at the farm to support our clients. 

Please help by donating what you can, using the
Donate button above

We help to change the lives of local people with learning disabilities

Bringing about positive changes and benefits

Gardening is a rewarding and therapeutic activity, providing physical, mental and emotional benefits.

For people with learning disabilities it can help reduce stress and anxiety whilst promoting a true sense of purpose.

We provide the facilities and equipment to help our people develop new skills and improve their wellbeing.


Growing, nurturing and selling plants

Our people participate in various activities at the farm, under the care and supervision of our partner organisation, Optalis.


They grow a variety of plants for sale to the public, including spring bulbs, vegetables, annuals and perennials. They also have their own plots where they can choose what to grow for their own enjoyment and consumption.

Happy and busy teams

       Major refurbishment project completed

We have recently completed the refurbishment of one of our main
polytunnels at the farm, bringing it back to a good standard to allow
our people to grow and store more plants. It now has a new floor, new
side netting and new doors, with all the work being carried out by our
team of regular volunteers.

Now to the next Polytunnel
We are delighted that Englefield Foundation Trust have granted sufficient funds for us to buy a new polytunnel to replace another old and damaged polytunnel.  We need to build a new raised bed to support those with some physical disability, lay flooring and set up staging, this needs more funding. So if you can help, please use the Donate button. All contributions, no matter how small, will be gratefully received.

What else is happening at Growing Places-Berkshire?

Conservation area
We continue to improve the quality of the natural woodland, pond and plants by
creating new pathways, seating areas and safe access. This is an important
area for relaxation, enjoyment and appreciation of the natural environment. 
This project is spread over several years allowing each stage to settle.

Activities and wellbeing
e have constructed the new cabin in the conservation area where clients
can relax and carry our relevant craft activities: it is super. The clients use it every day.

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We have some good news

Good News: in 2023, we raised £4,600 to refurbish one of our main polytunnels including new staging and shelving and also build the conservation cabin. Projects successfully competed. A big thank you to some local supportive organisations for their donations. 

Good News: in 2024, now we have raised nearly £2,000 for the second polytunnel. This is the one with a new raised growing bed to support those with some physical disability. New polytunnel ordered, old polytunnel gone, next stage is to build the bed and flooring, then construct the tunnel.

Good News: We have installed 2 new field gates and posts donated by AVS Wokingham which will help keep our site secure for all who work there, thank you AVS.

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